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Limited Return/Refund Policy: "Try before you buy": returns and refunds allowed only until you activate the software on first computer, but in no event after 30 days from the order date. Shipping and handling charges, if any, are not refundable.

Copyright and Limitation of Liability: The software offered, added formatting, content of this web site and all related materials are 1998-2009 by Alta Star Software, Inc., All Rights Reserved. The software is subject to the End-User License Agreement (displayed when the software is first loaded), which contains additional copyright terms and limitation of liability. Those terms apply except where inconsistent with the terms herein. Some forms included with the software are copyrighted by third party publishers. You agree to comply with rules and requirements of any form copyright holder. If forms are updated, you agree to use replacement software/forms, and to destroy out-of-date versions.

Support Policies: See our support web page.

All prices are subject to change.


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