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    Hud-1 Settlement Statement - Alta Star HUD LITE - Automated Real Estate Closing Software

  • Prepare and print Hud-1 Settlement Statement for Purchases, New Loans and Refinances
  • Automated Good Faith Estimate (GFE) Entries! View GFE Quick Start Guide!
  • Balances Receipts, Disbursements and Net Loan Proceeds (cash from lender)
  • Automatically Creates Balanced List of Deposits and Checks
  • Includes Form Hud-1A for Refinances
  • Hud-1 Addendum adds Additional Lines
  • Change Descriptions that Print for Most Lines
  • Convert to PDF to Email Completed Settlement Statement
  • Easily Balances Commissions Retained by Broker and Excess Deposits
  • Checks for Program Updates on Internet
  • Automatic Prorations
  • Calculates Loan Payoff
  • Computes Advance Interest to Lender
  • Calculates Loan Origination Fee and Loan Discount
  • A Change of Proration Date or Disbursement Date Automatically Recalculates Prorations, Loan Payoff and Advance Interest to Lender
  • Broker Commissions May Be Entered by Percent or Amount
  • Calculates Recording Fees
  • Calculates Stamps/Taxes Automatically
  • Repeat Payees Without Reentering
  • Calculates Transfer, Stamp, Intangible and Mortgage Taxes (Lines 1201-1205) with Users may enter rates for various jurisdictions. User-editable as needed for current rates or local policies.
  • Store Transfer, Stamp, Intangible and Mortgage Tax Rates for Multiple Jurisdictions to Use for  Lines 1201-1205 as Needed
  • Cash To/From Buyer/Seller Updated Instantly as Amounts Change
  • Option to Print "Draft" Until Hud-1 Statement is Finalized
  • Access Windows Calculator From Program
  • Pop-up Calendar for Date Entry
  • 90 Days Toll-Free Product Support (details on request); Afterwards, see our support page for available services.
  • System Requirements: Windows10® Windows®  7, 60 MB total free hard disk space (including 30 MB on your C: drive or other drive containing the Windows operating system.)


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