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Summary of Changes after Version 3.0

Changes in Version 3.142:    Fixed: Under some circumstances following the update to version 3.14.1, the description for line 902 was not transferring to GFE section. This has been fixed.

Changes in Version 3.141:    Fixed: Under some circumstances, changes to HUD line descriptions were not reflected in the GFE section. This issue did not affect any amounts or calculations, just the GFE descriptions. This has been fixed.

Changes in Version 3.14:

  • Miscellaneous programming updates, recommended for all users.

Changes in Version 3.12.4:

  • Line 801, "Our Origination Charge", has the option to print origination points as a notation on line 801.

Changes in Version 3.12.2:

  • Under some circumstances, GFE amounts entered on the GFE comparison page were not being saved. This has been fixed.

Changes in Version 3.12.1:

  • The choice on lines 1206 and 1207 to include the borrower's charges on either line 1201 or line 1203 was not being saved under some circumstances. This has been fixed.

Changes in Version 3.12:

  • Printing a negative GFE increase: In the GFE comparison page, for the second grid (charges that can increase up to 10% in the aggregate) there is now an option to print a negative increase when the HUD amount total is less than the GFE amount total.
  • Adding a line to the GFE comparison page: In cases where the Good Faith Estimate included a charge that was not applicable at the time of closing, to add a line to the GFE comparison page for that item do the following: on the Hud-1 line for the item enter minus zero ("-0" or "-0-") as the charge to the buyer/borrower. The item will then be added to the GFE comparison page where you can enter the GFE amount.
  • Retained brokerage commission choice: When a brokerage commission is retained by a broker holding the buyer's deposit, line 701 now gives two choices: a) charge the seller on line 703; or b) charge the seller on line 506 plus make a POC entry on line 704.
  • Printing a payee with no amount: When a payee is entered on a Hud-1 line with no amount, on the Hud-1 line for the item enter minus zero ("-0" or "-0-") as the charge to the buyer/borrower. That will cause the payee name to print on the Hud-1 form.

Changes in Version 3.11:

  • The receipts/disbursements worksheet was displaying incorrect descriptions for lines 1002-5. This was fixed. (This issue did not affect the Settlement Statement which printed correctly.)

Changes in Version 3.10:

  • Additional lines entered under the "Add Lines" tab (formerly numbered as 1500, et seq.) will be numbered in sequence according the section of the settlement statement that the line pertains to. Each additional line has a drop-down list to select the appropriate section. Once a section is selected, the lines will be numbered appropriately when the settlement statement is printed.
  • Additional recording costs and transfer taxes may be entered on lines 1206 and 1207. Those lines provide a choice to include the amount enter with either line 1201 (recording costs) or line 1203 (transfer taxes).
  • In the 800 section, the origination fee in line 801 may include itemization on lines 808 and above by checking "Pay from 801". The itemization will print as a notation and will not increase the 801 amount.
  • Printing the lender name as the payee name for line 803 (adjusted origination charges) is now option. Uncheck "Print 803 Payee" to suppress printing of the lender name on line 803.
  • There is now an option to print a payee name for line 1101 (Title services and lender's title insurance).
  • To print "-0-" for a Hud-1 line amount, enter "-0" into the buyer or seller column. This will also cause an expense to appear on the GFE comparison page where the actual amount of the expense at closing is zero.


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