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IRS Form 1099-S
  • For the seller, the Hud-1 Settlement Statement prints a substitute 1099-S form for the seller, at the bottom of page 1. This substitute for the seller's copy is acceptable to IRS. Make sure you have entered the seller's TIN under the General tab of the Hud-1 form.
  • For filing Copy A of form 1099-S with IRS, laser substitutes are generally not acceptable and can result in a penalty. Therefore, this program can print Copy A for filing with IRS onto blank IRS forms. 
    + You can generally obtain the blank forms free of charge from IRS.
    + After completing the Hud-1 form, click Tools|1099. In the window that appears, enter the settlement agent TIN. Then, follow the on-screen instructions for printing the 1099-S information onto the blank IRS forms.