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Network Installation

1. Download and save the Network installation file available at

2. Install the network files: Open the Network installation file and go through the InstallShield installation. WHEN PROMPTED FOR THE INSTALLATION FOLDER, CHANGE ONLY THE DRIVE LETTER FROM C TO YOUR NETWORK DRIVE LETTER, BUT DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE -- KEEP THE RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION FOLDER NAME (E.G., if "N" is your network drive letter, install the network files to "N:\HudLiteNetworkFiles".)

3. When the installation of the network files is complete, from My Computer or Windows Explorer on the first workstation, navigate to the network installation folder and double-click on setupws.exe (this will begin the workstation installation/reinstallation, but this time do not make any change to the installation folder as it should install on the workstation's local C drive, e.g., "C:\Program Files\Alta Star HUD LITE").

4. On the first workstation, enter or reenter your License Access Code. See Registration

5. Repeat step three on the remaining workstations.

6. Under the network installation, all settlement statement files are saved in the User folder beneath the network installation folder, or any sub folders you create beneath the network User folder.

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