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Prorating Taxes and Assessments

To calculate and enter a prorated amount in your settlement statement, put your cursor on an amount box in lines 106-112 or lines 210-219, then click the Calculate menu.

Assuming you already entered the settlement or other proration date (under the General tab), you normally need only click on the length of the tax or assessment period (annual, monthly, etc.) and enter the Amount for Full Period. The proration dates will be suggested automatically and the proration will be calculated.

In the proration screen, you can set the option to prorate through the day of closing or the day before closing. You can set this option for the current file and, if desired, for all new files.

If you change the proration date under the General tab of the program, the calculation will be automatically updated. In the Proration screen, you can also adjust the proration dates individually for each proration.