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Activation of Program

Obtain a code to remove the word "sample" from the printed forms:

Simply enter your License Access Code, as emailed to you: Within the program, click Help|Enter Activation Code, choose Internet Activation, enter the License Access Code, then click the activate button. Alternatively, if the email contains manual activation information, you can activate without internet access; in that event, Click Help|Enter Activation Code, choose  Manual activation, then enter the information specified in the email and click activate.

A License Access Code is furnished when a customer licenses the program from us, either by purchasing online or when a telephone order is placed.

After installing the software, run the program by double-clicking on the green snowflake icon located on your Windows Desktop. Alternatively, start the program by locating it under Start|Programs.

You must purchase a license for the software before a License Access Code is issued. You can order online or purchase a license over the telephone. To order, please call Alta Star at (877) 279-8898.