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Setup Stamps/Taxes Lines 1202-1205

Via Tools|Setup Stamps/Taxes Lines 1202-1205, you can enter transfer/documentary stamp rates for lines 1202 to 1205.

The rates can be set for 1) the current file; or 2) the default for all new files.

You can choose from a list of pre-entered rates for various states/jurisdictions, or manually enter rates applicable to your locale. If a rate changes for any jurisdiction, you can enter the new rate yourself.

You can also save named sets of rates that you enter, which will allow you to select a customized set of rates for any particular transaction.

If you create a named set, and wish to delete the set, simply highlight the named set and press the Delete key on you keyboard.

Alternatively, you can navigate to any of lines 1202 to 1205 and enter rates for those lines separately. See Transfer Charges and Taxes on Deeds and Mortgages