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Program Setup and Default Entries

While program setup is not required, it takes just a few moments and it is strongly recommended.  Program setup allows you to set various program defaults in order to gain the most from the program's various automatic calculations and other functions.

Setup Settlement Agent Name and Place

Access this function via Tools|Setup Settlement Agent

You can generally enter the settlement agent name and address that you want to appear in each new settlement statement that you create. Depending on your license for this program, you may or may not be able to change this information.

Setup Stamps/Taxes Lines 1202-1205

You can enter default rates for Government Recording and Transfer Charges (Stamps/Taxes) for Hud-1 lines 1201-1205.  See Setup Stamps/Taxes Lines 1202-1205

Automate Recurring Entries (Changing the Untitled File)

You can set a default for any entry on your  settlement statement by modifying the Untitled file.

For example, let's say the settlement agent generally imposes a charge for photocopies on line 1303. Start with a new file, navigate to the description box for line 1303 and enter "Photocopies." Then, in the "pay to" box for line 1303, click the Payee menu and select the settlement agent as the payee.  See Payees and Payors Then, click Tools|Set User Preference|Modify/Restore Untitled File, then click Save Current Changes to the "Untitled" File. For your next closing, you need only enter the amount of the photocopy charge in the borrower and/or seller column. For any closing without a photocopy charge entered, the payee name will not print.

Similarly, if the settlement agent generally charges a fixed amount as a settlement fee, the amount could be entered in line 1101 in the Untitled file, then the Untitled file could be saved via Tools|Set User Preferences.

The settlement agent will automatically be chosen as the default payee for title charges (lines 1101-1113).  The lender will automatically be chosen as the default payee for loan charges (lines 801-811) and for advances/escrow to lender  (lines 901-1008). If, for a particular closing, one of those items is inapplicable and has a zero amount, the payee will automatically not print for that line on the settlement statement. If a different payee is applicable to an item for a closing, you can easily make the change for that closing. See Payees and Payors.