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Adjust Cash From/To Borrower in form HUD-1A

When preparing a HUD-1A transaction/settlement statement where cash is due to the borrower, you can specify a Line 1601 amount for cash that borrower will bring to the closing. Doing so will automatically increase the cash due to borrower on Line 1604.

To adjust lines 1601 and 1604, click on the menu Tools|Hud-1A Cash from Borrower. A windows box will appear where you can revise the amounts. 

After adjusting those lines, if you make additional changes to the Hud-1A form that changes the net amount due to or from the Borrower, the program will revert to the default calculation (the full net amount of cash due to/from borrower will appear on either Line 1601 or 1604 as appropriate. In that event you can return to the menu Tools|Hud-1A Cash from Borrower and enter new figures.

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